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July 27, 2010

Yesterday, I got to go see a lot of Jorge's host. It's always great to see Joan - I love her so much. It was great to finally get to meet John and Judy's babies - oh my flipping gosh they are cute and I think what John and Judy do is GREAT!! Truly my heroes.... And you've got to see Judy's toes - I've never had pedicure and they did a number on her toes - the art work is just so girly - I think I'm still too much of a tom-boy to go down that road. Plain Jane I am - looks have never been my strong point - lol.... But Judy looks good considering that she broke her wrist, shoulder and femur. And when we got there she was working - crazy women she is but you got to want that spirit to survive what she did. Then we got to see Pat who I think is crazier then I am and is striving to be my favorite - how funny and cute is that. Mel of course is Mel and Don is nothing but trouble but don't let him fool you he knows it and Barb-Bell his wife and I both have Mum issues which is nice to compare and even invited me for lunch some time in the future. And Jorge lectures me about the amount of time spending with Joan because you get us together and it's non-stop chatter. Karlene is hoot and Kenny is just a doll thanks to his wife Marylou (still not sure on her name) and we agreed to learn Braille together (shopping for cards tonight) another one where you get us together and non-stop chatter - I'll be bloggin about her daughter who makes extreme wonderful looking cakes as well as yummy tasting - they go for big bucks because they are so outrages - I'm looking forward to that blog. All the other host I didn't get to see because they where off. Jorge 2 1/2 is funny and a super great guy and then there is the instant gator Don who calls me the agitator - love his humor even if most people don't - you've got to learn to take as well as dish and things become less stress. That was my day yesterday so I had fun....

Today I spent my entire morning with Kenny and Marylou working on the computer - everyone seems to think I'm a computer geek - and in this case I was - lol. Oh I found my glasses after ordering a new pair - located in a strange place too. Then I went to lunch with my wonderful husband Jorge at the stove and now I feel fat - lol. I had the tacos and I didn't care for it and left half of it sitting on my plate. Jorge had the chimi changa which was the daily special and that was yummy. Then came home and finished my hat - oh my today I sold 3 items on my Etsy store which puts me ahead of Jorge by 3 sales - FINALLY. Jorge's boss bought all the villages on Jorge's store which put him in the lead for the longest time and now I'm on top... Gotta work hard to stay there...

I was thinking about Randy and Leila today (who I do talk to often) and Betty and Weldon and hope they are doing well. I hate seeing people leave - it leaves a void feeling in my heart. But I do think of them often and wish them well. Leila sent me some really gorgeous pics today - and she shouldn't be a camp host by far but using her major talent of photography - but then it would be work for her and not a hobby.... If I get her permission I'll post some of the pics so I can't share until she says OK.... I could sit for hours looking at her photos and I have - lol. With Betty gone there is no body to pick on about OCD... That was our thing towards each other - yepper one nut gets along with another nut - and we love it...

I'd like to give a shout out to my friend Harry and Jill. Hey you two? You must be getting into a lot of adventures there in England it's been awhile since chatting with you - I'll text you tomorrow. Carol is a complete hoot and I love chatting with her. And Ruth needs some down time.... Do give your girls a hug for me - I love them dearly.... And I ask the same from Carol and Ruth to give you hug from me to you.... How's your sister?

I guess that's the lot folks.... I'll be doing product and event blogs soon and not so much about my life but my thought and theory on things... We have some cool things going on in Mammoth Lakes and the season is coming to close on us soon and I want to see and do things here in Mammoth Lakes and make the most of our time here. Memory making. I hope you enjoyed today's blog and your always welcomed to email me if your looking for a special topic to blog about!!


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