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April 17, 2011


Sherman County: FOR THE RECORD 1987

This is Vol. 5 No 1

Which talks about the history of
-Camp Moro
-Life As A CCC Enrollee
-As An Army Officer In Change
-Pioneer Life as told by Bee Macnab
-Miller: the family, settlement and island
-The Memoirs of Charlene French

President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs into law the Civilian Conservation Corps March 31,1933. With 250,000 enrollees that are single men between the ages 17-28 single, clean, healthy. These men where looking for income and this was the way to do such a deed. Such work would in areas: mechanics, landscapers, foresters, blacksmiths, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, brick and stone masons, bakers, barbers, stenographers to name a few of the earlier job discriptions of this era.

For camp Moro these days came to be in mid May 1935 and was in full force by that Novemeber with close to 600 young men employeed. A lot had happened from 1935 when the camp was started until it was dismantled 1939.

During its operation period outside the norm would consist of card parties, singing, dancing, basketball, baseball and hunting (rabbits during this time seem to have been multiplying like crazy), Church with midnight mass included and would travel all the way to The Dalles for midnight service. Each camp would have a recreation hall that would offer pool tables, ping-pong tables, cards, magazines but like any huge organization education was encourage. So a library was open to all..

Important key names in this book are the Millers, French, Clements, Macnab

Here is a little poem I found in the book and just fell in love with it. And all the poems where written by one Bee Van Patten Macnab in 1936. And it goes like this...

Little Things
Careless marks of baby fingers,
Little smudges on the door,
Pencil  scratches tell a story,
Scars and footprints on the floor.
Oh! how still, how void and empty
Every room would be to me
If those precious baby fingers
Only were a memory.

I wish not to give away the entire book and only picked at some of little things - there is so much information and most interesting fact backed up with dates. So get the book and get to know the area as it was lived in the early years...


Do you have a family member that ever worked for the CCC?
Share your comments - we would love to hear...



  1. No, but I have camped in campgrounds built by the CCC. The Forest Service has since closed them for lack of funding. They could not charge fees for the ones built by the CCC, and therefore maintenance costs were not met, so they closed them.

  2. Love history! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great history lesson and great pics to go with it.


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