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April 10, 2011

Sunday Grooming

Sunday is coupon day as a whole. But today we added a chore or two in the mix. Jorge made a little shelf for our little speakers and I groomed the pets. Yes all three of them. Should of been done outside but it looked like rain. And hey with pergo floor it's not a biggie - you just sweep and your back to normal.

And now we are just sitting and chatting and planning things for tomorrow. We have this thing about losing remotes. And so I decided to have Jorge make a little box for next to the bed so we can store the remote and my glasses at night. And that's one less argument we have to deal with. Ah life will be back to perfect.

The shelf still needs to be painted but
 I am just so happy that the speakers have their own
 place now ...

Yes our TV is small but this summer we won't be
watching it so much - we only watch movies anyhow!!

JuneBug is really good about being groomed...
Not bad for a cat!

The very fist time I groomed Milita she bite me and I bled.
She has come a long ways let me tell you.
 I still get scared grooming her.
The jerk who beat her did a number on her.

Times this by 6 and you get today's grooming... We love the http://www.furminator.com/
 it's the best thing since the doggie bone..
And so it was a bit of a productive day and a day for rest. Ah the sun is sneaking out to say a quick hello - what a beautiful site. Hearing the trains in the distance and watching the windmills spin their spins and yes what I am saying is that it's been a great day.


1 comment:

  1. Glad you had a good day! Hope tomorrow is good as well. And the day after that.


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