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April 9, 2011

How pets nap on a Saturday

There is just something so beautiful and peaceful when the LOVES of your life nod off for a good period of time just to give you a break. But in this RV timing is everything.

Having some computer work to do and Jorge needing to get of all of his medical paperwork in order on-line. We just needed some peace and quiet.

And so you should always count your blessings because we have 3 sleeping in this very picture. Note the border collie - she LOVES, LOVES, LOVES her pillows. Milita was one mean dog when we got her but you couldn't tell that now with her. She is the leader of the pack however SnowPea says other wise and JuneBug (my beautiful fat cat) reminds everyone that this is his castle.
LOL and they slept a long time allowing us quiet time to get our things done.... See the RV life is Great!
I have to say not all Saturday are like this and in fact in most cases crazy busy and so I had to take the time to reflect and says thanks to my little fur balls for being perfect today...

Need help with your pet - this blog is just perfect for RV folks with furry pets! We ran across a man who full time with a huge fat rabbit - oh this thing was great (I remember the rabbits name Harvey - weird I know but this thing was huge)



  1. Just like us, you guys have a little dog, medium dog & a cat! Ours are champion nappers, too.

  2. That is an adorable picture of your furry kids. Stay safe.

  3. Love the sleeping babies! Better if you're sleeping with them.


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