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April 25, 2011

Rufus Oregon and our 1st Geocaching

My husband so wanted to be a part of the treasure finding world. And so with help from MJ (who is also the one who sent me her yarn spinner and I still LOVE, LOVE it) from our Campground_Crafting Yahoo group. MJ said to sign up at http://www.geocaching.com/ where my did but not a paid member - it's $30 a year. It's not the price but we belong to so many memberships that it does take a toll on the finance each year - so we limit our memberships.

And so Jorge went on-line and research the GEO's in our area. He found 3 but we only ventured out to find one. Using coordinates N450 42.276 W120 43.081 and a backpack filled with drinks, a camera, snacks, my tester and a goodie for the geocaching box and a very sick tummie off we went. LOL yes I was still sick because this was Sunday when we ventured off. Here is their Facebook Fan Page.

And here is what we found: Enjoy the pictures!!

And so we took the deck of cards for our treasure and stuffed everything else back into the geocaching box with one extra thing - our replacement treasure for the next person. What did we leave? Well get your fannies to Rufus and do some geocaching and see. We signed the book and then headed off to watch some fisherman in action. It was a WONDERFUL day and a great memory making for Rufus! This was to be Jorge's thing but I had so much fun that I begged him for more treasure hunting - there are a ton in Rathdrum and so we are looking forward to that this summer.

They have a wonderful write up on their geocaching

What was your first geocaching treasure you found?
Share your story we so would love to hear...



  1. Congratulations! I'm so thrilled that you decided to give it a try. I hope you enjoyed it and want to do it again!

    Don't worry about not having a paid membership. The benefit of that has mostly to do with being able to see certain "premium member" caches, but those are relatively few. You'll still have millions of caches all over the world you can hunt without having to pay a dime.

    Nearly everywhere you travel, you can guarantee there will be a cache nearby. After a while, you'll start eying all the guardrails, lampposts, and bridges you see wondering if there is a cache tucked away somewhere.

  2. Sounds like fun! I have never done one. Would be cool adventure!


  4. Evielynne and Jorge...Thanks for your support. I hope to see you guys in person....SOON>

  5. I love geocaching. Before I got pregnant with Stephen I went all the time. I have hidden a bunch too.
    You can look me up. My geo name is

  6. I have never gone geocaching myself but have friends who love it. It looks like fun that I will have to try. Nice pics.

  7. I have found over 250, but am still considered a newbie. Can't remember my first treasure, but I was so filled with excitment!! I still get excited everytime I go. Just one little hint. If you upload any of your pictures to geocaching.com, please don't show where it was hidden or where you are putting it back. Be sure and watch for Muggles too. Muggles are people in the area, especially kids, who may destroy the cache because they don't really know what it is and think someone has just lost it. Welcome aboard and have lots of fun doing it.

  8. Congrats on your first find! Now you are hooked. Our first find was in Austin, TX in Oct 2002. Haven't a clue what our found treasure was or what we left. We don't cache a lot but do use it to explore new territory.

    First travel bug we escorted to a new home was outside of Tucson, AZ in Jan 2006. That is fun to follow online, too.


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