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April 5, 2011

Getting Closer to Summer Work

I tally our etsy sales in my little accounting booklet and I had forgotten to log yesterdays single sale down. So today as I was about to log our single sale, I happen to look up at the calendar and noted "OMG" its April 5th. A little over a month and we head off to a new adventure for the summer season. A paying gig too!! yahoo... The paying part lol... We are so excited because neither of us have ever been to ID before and so this will be new turf for us.

We will miss this part of the country but we are looking forward to new adventures and meeting new people. Oh this whole RV way of living is awesome. I think by the end of the summer we'll be able to say we have friends on every corner of the USA...

Jorge is working on some little improvements in the rig today. However the list is long for his
 "Honey Do List" and I not thinking it's going to be complete by the time we leave here - but miracles do happen lol... So while I am hearing bang-bang-bang all afternoon and my eyes seem like shutters going rapid speeds I am knitting... I had just finish this hat which has a funny story to it and has freaked some people out because the head is sitting on my table for the world to walk by and see LOL.


I think it's cute....
Jorge and I call it Orange Burst

And not I have put my crochet hooks awhile and have take the knitting needles out and working on something for me... I never make anything for me - it's always for the store these days... Extra income is always needed this time of year... But this time something just for me. A scarf... This is all I was able to get done so far... And I will post when completed  - just a reminder knitting takes a lot longer to do then crocheting. Some will say otherwise but for me it's just sooo...

So tonight will be an early night because I am at wits end and will have a rather large headache I am sure from all of this flipping bang-bang-bang going on in the rig. I am venting here and keeping very quiet because I need this to go away fast - lol...

I love this blog and wish he blog more often - the handy man on a low budget ideas and stuff his entire family does is awesome... I am even sneaking a couple of ideas of his in our RV with his blessings! Really nice family even though they are Stick Dwellers lol...

Is your RV up for a Honey Do List?
If so what kind of fixings do you have in the works?
Leave a comment for our newbie RV folks - the comment do educate and guide... Thanks!!



  1. Do they come in orange and black? Without the tassel?

  2. Idaho is getting closer and closer!! Am so excited! Bob has finished all the electrical work for the inverter, has it all installed and it works. I have two honey dos on my list...one is a new electrical outlet on the island...the one installed by the manufacturer is at floor level!! Really good for seniors! Another one that will have to wait until next fall is pulling out the carpet and putting down a hard floor. The carpet is so dirty and stained...it cleans, then all the stains show through again. Want to find a tile look flooring to put in. Wow....17 days and we hit the road!

  3. Wow your knitting. Looking good too. You are full of hidden talents. Boy we miss you here and this season is just not going to be the same without you.

  4. You crazy girl. You so make me laugh. Love the hat, maybe next time we should see you wearing it.

  5. Oh, yes, I want to get rid of my carpet too!! Please!!


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