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April 8, 2011

Picture Table

You will hear this over and over again from RV full-timers like us who are brave enough to full time in a small RV (24 ft - take an extra 2-3 feet off because the front cab is blocked off with a wall).

We love pictures like the next person but we just don't have the wall space for displaying our memories or loved ones. And so Jorge created a photo table. It's about 22 inches by 22 inches, so a very small table. I had painted it black with a Burgundy leg. No glass for us as the table topper - weight is always an issue in an RV. So shorts cuts where in order for us on this project. Plexiglass http://www.eplastics.com/  is the trick we used and has worked out great... I do need to get plexiglass installed on the walls behind the stove to save the walls from our cooking.

I do need to change out some of the pictures and put in our new adventure and new friends we've made over the year... I do all of my printing on my Kodak Printer... I have the Kodak esp 5250 the ink price isn't too bad even if you do buy it at a Walmart or a Kmart (of course it's about 20-30% cheaper if you buy it on-line). The only thing bad I can say about this printer is - if your one cartridge runs out it won't print - like I just ran out of my color ink and it won't just print in black until I replace the color ink - kind of a pisser but it's the facts.

And so there you go - that's our solution to reliving the past and remembering what our lol family looks like!!

more of a web site then a blog - but it has tons of RV related pictures that are a must check out

How do you deal with your photo's?
Leave a comment your comments do help newbie RV folks of the future and old ones like us!!



  1. Wow ! What a GREAT idea!!! I like it so much I am going to do the same to my dinette once I get some plexiglass. I have also seen something similar to that when a lady did the same thing to her refrigerator. She used a plexiglass frame normally used for a poster and then placed pictures in it. Keep up those great ideas.

  2. What a nice way to keep your loved ones close in mind and heart.

  3. I bought thin magnetic bulletin boards from Office Depot a couple of years ago, and glued them to the valance on my window, so I have a place to put new school pictures of the grandkids, the rest are stored at my best friends house.

  4. I bought a digital frame that holds 1,000 pictures. It is less than 12"x12". I just put in on the couch, face down, when moving. We love it.


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