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April 15, 2011

RV Homeschooling

We are starting to make friends left and right and hearing their stories is just wonderful. I am honored to be networking on-line with new RV folks too. And while today's weather here in Rufus is full of RAIN and looks to be the case for the entire day. And so I am web surfing...

And today my web surfing brought me to http://www.thetravelingpraters.com/  a Christian, homeschooling family. They once full-timed in their RV and it got me thinking about all the RV families we've crossed paths with while on the road. A lot of these wonderful families just don't get the support they deserve. I am a huge supporter of homeschooling. In today's culture we all seem to have very strong opinions on what "WE THINK" is right and kind of forget about "WHAT IS RIGHT FOR THE CHILD".

Pros for homeschooling
-Educational Freedom
-Physical Freedom
-Emotional Freedom
-Religious Freedom
-Closer Family Relationships
-Stability During Difficult Times
-Well-Rested Kids
-No Busywork

Cons for homeschooling
-Time Restraints
-Financial Restraints
-Being with Your Kids 24/7
-Limited Team Sports
-Living Outside the Norm

But I feel that the cons could be dealt with easy and have been dealt with  almost 2 million families that home school now. Homeschooling has really grown in the last couple of years from 7% to 14%...
As a RV full-timer when ever I come across a family of RV homeschooling I open my arms so wide and help them in what ever form I can - friendships is a very powerful tool.

I posted this post because there are new RV folks out there that are perhaps thinking about taking on this life style in a whole new direction and I want to be able to help. A memory with a child seem to be far and few with so many parents having to work their careers and some choose these careers instead of parenthood - sad but there it is.

And RV folks are the best kind of people - always ready to lend a hand, make friends with out judgement and well we'd like to think we are part of this wonderful community.

And so the following sites are RV friendly for those who are thinking of RV homeschooling...





the very blog that got the wheels in my mind going and have my fullest support!!

Do you home school or know of a family that homeschooling on the road?
Listen these comments do help newbie RV people so we value your comments greatly...



  1. Wow, you did an awesome job with this post. And an awesome job with links! I couldn't add a thing.

    You are so right, the cons are very easily dealt with. And the benefits are so worth it!! Your children are not forced to fit into the same mold as every other child. You are free to do school year round....meaning you can take breaks whenever you want!

    I could never imagine sending my kids to school everyday. I know that I went--and survived--but I know where my kids are, what they are doing, what is being taught and what is being learned.

    Now if my husband and I could just get an RV and change our lifestyle we both would be all for becoming full time RV'ers!

  2. It seems that I have happened upon an online network of homeschooling RV families. I think there are great reasons to homeschool, and being on the road is one of them.

    Glad to meet you!



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