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April 28, 2011

RV Pasta Making

Because of  this winter, it's taught us to count our pennies a little bit better. And I am still counting lol... I'm always checking people's blogs out - in fact I am so loyal about taking the time to read and ALWAYS leaving a comment to show my support for that blog.

Well I was reading one blog last week and they where talking about being in a huge pickle and had to cut a lot of things in their lives to survive. Like Starbucks, clothing brands, and going from name brand foods to no-name brand foods (well their list was pretty huge)

For us we only have a couple of bills that aren't going to send us to the hen house but still it's such a pain having these sort of things hanging over us. My income alone comes quarterly and it is gone within 24hrs of getting that direct deposit. We use my income to pay the RV insurance,  medical insurance, any and all memberships we belong to (like www.GoodSams.com  and www.workamper.com) for the full year. We don't have a TV bill (no satellite, netflex or anything like that). We did have a cell phone service that was costing us $240 a month and so I just got rid of that and now use skype ($6.00 a month) for our phone service and going to use a pre-paid cell service using our current cells we have - we never use them and so that expense was such a major waste. However I do need my broadband service and we pay $60 plus dollars a month. And so when ever I can find a way to keep those extra pennies - I will...

Well in the RV life food is such a joy... Going out is something we don't do a lot of for two reasons - I can make the same dang thing for less and uggg I'd rather be spending that extra money on touring the area we are RVing in.

So I found that making pasta has many benefits to our way of living. Saves a ton of room in the rig - no more boxes of pasta taking up room. Less garbage to have to deal with. It's fun and so much cheaper to do yourself. And you have better control of what you are putting into your body...

What I use... (remember I am new at this and over time I will learn to play with different methods)

1 cups flour (I used all purpose because I wanted to use it up)
1 egg
2 tablespoons of water
2 tablespoons of Italian Spices (we used basil on the first batch but like the Italian spice better)

Here is pictures of the first time I made this.... Oh by the way - you can add puree items like tomatoes, pumpkin, spinach to add flavor)

And here is the second time I made this - this came out sooooo much better and well we figured it's about:

.15 egg
.02 spice
.15 flour
costing .32 per batch (could be cheaper if those items are on sale or a coupon is used)

I know I need to buy a rolling pin...

I know use a pizza wheel to cut and I will next time

We added sausage and a little cheese and yummy..
this was such a cool blog and I learned many tips from there...

What money saving tip do you have for an RV meal?
All comments help newbie RV folks so don't be shy about leaving one...



  1. Great pasta lesson! :)
    What do I cook? Beans. My main cookware is a West Bend slo-cooker, into which I dump half a bag of 15 bean and chicken broth (use the cubes and water to save $) then later I add chopped celery, onions, carrots, thin-sliced meat of some kind (we like spicy sausage) and southwestern spice. I finish off with canned stuff--diced tomatoes or tomato soup, and whatever else I have. 2 or 3 days of eating the same thing at least once a day, but it's always good! :) It's like meatloaf--you can't get it wrong!

  2. I am in the same boat as you guys. I get paid once a month with my SS check. I then proceed to pay off my outstanding bills usually go through about 2/3 of my check the first day. Then I have to be careful how I spend the rest. No frills here. Love Starbucks and eating out, but not this guy. Too bad I can't ask Uncle Sam for a raise!!

  3. Hey what about me? When do I get some??

  4. Have you tried making bread yet? You can save a ton of money that way and it's so much better. Here's a link to when I made bread



  5. I cook a lot of beans too. Pasta and bread are out because of diabetes. It really messes up Jerry's sugar. But the beans are inexpensive and good for us!


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