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April 6, 2011

RV Coffee Mug GiveAway

Rufus RV Park the coolest people ever and a huge supporter of our blog. I love getting emails from these folks. Well they have offered a prize for our Blogs first GiveAway... So a major shout out to them... you can visit their direct web site at http://www.rufusrvpark.com/ .

You would be amazed at the amount of people that come through here - even from past guests that are traveling through the area just to say hello to the managers here. I know I've seen it with my own eyes.
So take a look at the pictures I took today and then enter the contest I am having to win this wonderful coffee mug... There are rules so be sure to follow them and have fun with this.... I am asking a quick favor from my RV readers who have blogs - can you re-post my blog contest onto your blog to help spread the word of this fun contest,,,

The cutest office and check out the flowers and they are just starting to bloom.
The managers take such pride in their landscape...

See? Told you...

I am not into RV showers they are not my cup of tea - but I have never seen these ones messy,
which says a lot for the staff and type of people who visit this area.

Laundry room and ALL the machines work. Imagine that - never heard such a thing.
Helps that the manager are super multi task and stay on-top of EVERYTHING.
I swear they have eyes on the back of their heads

Clean and it sparkles...

Look at the time on the clock and the room hasn't been cleaned yet. See it's not just the managers but the type of customers that come through - its nice that people take pride too..

Storage rentals....

This is their cabin but they also have apartment rentals too on and near the property.
I just want to state for the record that these are my reviews of what I see from day to day here at the RV Park... The Coffee Mug was donated by Rufus RV Park Managers. In no way where we paid for this review and had a lot of fun doing this... It's a place that should be on your BUCKET LIST of future visits. So check out their web site http://www.rufusrvpark.com/ - for it has way more information on their... Tell them Evielynne says "Hey"...

THE PRIZE...Value $15.00


Contest starts today April 6th, 2011 and ends April 15th, 2011 (tax day)

Whenever you Twitter/”Like"  Facebook Fan Pag/Follow my Blog/Link my Blog to Yours be sure to leave a comment with your email address – no more than 2 twitters a day.

As this is how you are enter into our giveaway

Follow me on Twitter. Leave your twitter name.
I will verify and disqualify if they are not following.

2 entries- For Linking my Blog to Your Blog and please post your blog address along with your email in the comment (Blog Links will be checked and disqualify if not linked)

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This is about FUN... Please be sure to Follow this Blog for future GiveAways..
Good Luck and Have some Fun with this...



  1. Wow! Just WOW! You constantly surprise me . . . and that is a great thing!

  2. I will feature you on my blog today - I was going to anyway - how's that! But I don't Twitter. Never could get it to work right for some reason. So I decided I'm not a Twitterer. Have fun with your contest and the RV Park looks awesome.
    I'm glad you are there and have showers and laundry right on the spot.
    Have a great day, Evie and Jorge....


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