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April 7, 2011

RV Chore Sticks

So everyone seems to think that RV folks do nothing but sit around and lounge around all day long.. Well we do - BUT first thing is first.

Jorge and I want this summer to be a complete blast while working in ID - although until the first meeting we are not sure about the hours we'll be working and so we came up with a system that will help us with our goal..

Chore Sticks... Every night we will pick 6 chores sticks each for the morning routine of getting our RV in order so that will free us up for work and fun. Take a peek.

So now you see the chores that we have that are major issues for us... With these determined and out of the way - there is less room for arguments (coming from me because a dirty home can get me grumpy on a drop of a dime).... Plus we are a couple and believe in team work and making each other happy. A strange twist but one that works for us.... And everyday is a new adventure and we plan on living these words...

And so Jorge picked these sticks for tomorrow...

- Wash Dishes
- Clean Kitchen
- 20 Minute Massage Giver (yippee)
- Clean Bathroom
- Brush puppy furs

Not bad Jorge and congrats.... And this is what I got!

- Make Bed
- Shake Rugs
- Clean Fridge
- Breakfast
- Lunch
- Dinner (thank goodness for crock-pots)

And there you have it... A marriage again saved by pure fun!! And now that the chore sticks are in place it's off to have some fun!

ummm need I say more... Check them out for yourself!! Hope you sign up to follow...

How do you handle your chores
- is it unique like our way?
Share your comment it may help NEWBIE RV folks...



  1. What a great idea!! Brilliant!! No two days the same, and no complaints about who has to do what! Brilliant!

  2. Oh now this is beyond smart. Your such a wiz girl.

  3. Love your idea. We just each seem to do our own thing. He walks the dog, shakes the rugs, cleans the shower and the truck, also washes outside of windows. I do the rest. It works for us. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  4. I do this of sorts at home with my teen. We have a list of things to do and we play 'bubble gum bubble gum in the dish' to see what we land on next. Since we homeschool, we do one item of school, then we each pick a chore and do that, then another item of school.


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