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April 11, 2011

Fix and Fixed

Wall building is whats on the topic for today. Jorge and I decided to put up a wall to block the front cab part from the rest of the rig.

Why? Are we crazy? Well, not completely... So much cold come from the front cab and then add in the whole pets factor - I just couldn't take it any more and so the wall went up.... Here is what Jorge did so far.

And so the hard part of the job is done and now we need to get the cutie pillows done and shelves made and little fun projects like that. And yes the very first night we could tell the difference already in temps in here... Life is good again!!

tips and stories always a plus...

So what have you riped up? torn apart? or replaced? In your rig?
Share your tips in the comment form
 - newbie RV Folks can learn a lot from your comments... 



  1. The rig is fixed with the inverter, all the wiring done and everything works. We have new seals to put around the edges of the slides, then I finish packing the basements and get ready to roll on the 22nd!

  2. You know? I hope you keep Mr. Crafty. You guys took a dump of an RV and made it cute. Boy I still can't believe the deal you go on him. Let's see we had to replace the water heater in ours and it's a new rig. I think sometime people with older rigs have the better deal. Love your blog missy. Get on over to KY and we'll do a girls day out. Love you

  3. You guys are so energetic!! I only have a quilt blocking my cab. I will say it is better then nothing but still lets the cold air in. I would hate to think what my wall would look like if I started such a project. LOL.

  4. Replaced fridge, replaced toilet, replaced window coverings, replaced furniture, replaced coffeemaker, replaced screens. All that work, and more to do yet. Never Ending I suppose.

  5. Hey Girl! Sorry it's been crazy here on the east coast. Miss you! The kids are always asking about you. Seems like you are doing ok? Sure hope so. Give me a call later if you get a minute.
    For your readers. No RV but always working on the house. We follow this blog because these kids are so dear to us.
    Christmas, Alex asked about you.

  6. Good job. When we first got our 5th wheel the little potty room had carpet in it. That was our first job to rip it out and put in tile. Now we are planing on changing all the carpet for something else. I was leaning toward hardwood, but now am thinking more about carpet. A very good grade that is easy to keep clean.


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