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April 14, 2011

Sherman County: For the Record Book 1989

So Rufus Manager knows I like to Blog and share fun facts. And so that's what I am going to do in today's blog read....

Sherman County: For the Record was printed in April 1989 by the Valley Herald right here in Oregon.

Sherry Kaseburg - President
Dorothy Benson - Vice President
Patty Moore - Sec.-Treas
Mike McArthur
Glenn Virtue
Jerry Kirkpatrick Fun fact: his wife is a major novel writer
Pat Macnab
Ray VanGilder

As you open the book (62 pages soft cover) the very first page is titled "Camp Rufus" by Sherry Kaseberg. It talks about the 1000 soldiers of the army engineers that encamp along the Columbia highway just west of Mrs. Mae Fowler's home in Rufus. And what makes this story amazing is the fact that Rufus has has less then 300 residents living full time today in the year 2011 and so go back to the year 1944 and envision this whole event. It all started with the presence of 2 soldiers to create the new "Camp Rufus". I won't give away the whole story and it is one for cool read if your coming to the area or have been here in the past. But imagine living in such a small town and then wham the military men have taken over and so what do you do for entertainment, holiday, and typical everyday living... READ and you'll see how this town of Rufus made it look so easy and it all started with the wonderful hearts of wives...

Then the book goes into "MEMORIES OF A BRIDGE IN THE DEPRESSION YEARS" by Lucille McKinney May Loughrey

And of course any of us who had "great" grandparents know how hard these times where on them and if we are not careful we could and can see these times for ourselves. This part of the book is written beautifully and really make you think.  There where many smiles being shared for it was about people thinking beyond the scope of life and living for the moment. A simple shoe shinning and a wedding (imagine back in that time you must of really had loved someone to marry in such a hard time - anyone who is from this era, I bet are still married and know what it means "For Richer and For Poorer"

the book includes a CHRONOLOGICAL HISTORY so you can follow along in the book to have a clear understanding as if you where there yourself. Now I am in Rufus, OR in a RV and I can not imagine having tents set up everywhere - the wind factor and the timing of the book but the weather not at its best behavior and it just simple but me in aw mode of respect of what these men did for this area. To be honest they are the complete backbone to how Rufus became Rufus...

The book points out journalism as well - no thanks to one J.B. Hosford one the early journalist of this area. There is a wonderful section about the entire start of the newspaper and history how it became. School functions and everything you can think of for a typical town living.

1945- The Sherman County Historical Society was organized over 400 people came to the very first meeting which I believe outweights the attendance record for modern day meetings...

And so it's a fun little book to get and apparently there is a set of them about the nearby towns and so to get your hands a copy you can visit:

Sherman County Historical Society and Museum
Open Daily 10 until 5 May through October 
200 Dewey Street, P.O. Box 173 - Moro, Oregon 97039
Phone: 541-565-3232

Seems very fitting for the blog topic I choose today - wait till you click on the link
- a blog just for history lovers for sure...

What has been the best RV adventure of a historical visit?
Make sure you tell us location and title this helps newbie RV folks with fun planning..


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  1. I love you blog feature every post. Thanks for sharing all the great links.


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