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April 13, 2011

Summer Hike Backpack Inventory

Hike season is almost upon us and it's time to get our backpacks cleaned and re-organized for summer fun... A lot of thought goes into our hikes with my heart problem and being a diabetic type 1 can makes things hairy if not wise... Been there and done that...

We even have a system to how we pack our pack too... Heavy items typically get put to the bottom but not in our case. We feel heavy items should be stored above bottom a third of the way from bottom. This helps level the pack on the back and much easier to carry.

Here are the following things we have in our pack each and every time we head out to a trail... A typical hike for Jorge is 6-10 miles and the most we did in a day was 12 miles (yes we got lost but it was the best hike of our life).

- knife (we each have one)
- first aid kits (band aides, aspirin, Band-Aid Small Blister Kit, baby wipes)
- matches
- flashlight (solar clip ones that hang on our back)
- emergency contact list with current meds being used
- a hidden $20 bill (you never know a store could be in the horizon of the walk/hike)
- extra clothes (Jorge had a hard time with this concept but hail taught us well)
- extra food & water (because of my type 1 this is the most important item in the pack)
- tester and glucose tabs (in both packs we carry just in case)

- sunscreen
- sunglasses
- GPS with extra set of batteries
We do not have a super fancy backpack - in fact they are simple Walmart on sale kind of packs. Mine is a cool purple and Jorge is a olive green. Got them both for under $20 a piece.

Like my crochet kiddie socks?

Major Major hiking blog... I went for the pictures but then I was reading and reading and so I bookmarked them... Because holly smoke they live for hiking

What is your most favorite hike? 
 how many miles was it?
Leave a comment
newbie RV folks can learn from your comments



  1. I really enjoyed your sharing with all about what you carry when hiking. I tend not to carry much at all but always nagged by my sisters to carry more. My favorite hike was on the Metolius River in Oregon. What a beautiful. You can read about it at http://jimmelvin.wordpress.com/2010/08/25/hiking-on-the-metolius-river/

  2. For mothers day several years ago I made the kids hike a really long trail. It was over 15 miles.

    One thing that I would add...technu. I am super allergic to poison ivy. Gotta have the poison ivy preventer!

  3. Ours was in Wyoming, out of Buffalo. We started at our RV park and ended up walking clear to the other side of the city. Most of it was along a very pretty creek. Loved it and hope to go back. Don't know how far we went, but that didn't matter as much, because we loved it so much.

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