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April 1, 2011

RV Emergency Tips for Cells

RV Emergency Tips for Cells..

"ICE" stands for
 "in case of emergency"

The point is to let rescue workers, police, or doctors check your cell phone and reach the people you would want contacted if you're in an accident or other emergency.

ICE can save your life or the one that you love. A family member or friend is one of our best resources for learning about the patients medical history.

With over 190 million cell phone users in the United States, this could be very valuable to a lot of people in times of an emergency.

It is simple to do. First type the acronym ICE in your contact directory of your cell phone then the phone number of the person to be contacted in an emergency.

It has also be suggested that you add a period at the beginning of the acronym. This puts the listing first on the directory list. Thus .ice This also makes it quick for you to call this number since on most cell phone - after you push the Phonebook button the first entry is highlighted and ready for you to push the send button to make the call.

Some individuals like to add the name of the person after the ICE acronym. Thus, if someone wanted Bob to be called in an emergency, the contact listing might look like: ice-bob

And so I am asking you to take 15 minutes and think about who knows you best and then get on your phone and edit that persons information by adding ICE before their name. And then get on the horn and get all your loved ones to do the same. RV folks I care about you and being in the middle of no-where this could save your life on a drop of a dime...

So ICE your Cells..

another place in which will back me up in why it is important to have a ICE on your cell phone..

Do you have a ICE in your cell?
leave a comment - your answer could help others...



  1. I don't currently have an ICE, but know I should. Really good advice though, and I shall take care of that detail.

  2. Bob and I have had ICE on our phones for several years. Pray we never have to use it, but we have it just in case. Most of the newer phones already have ICE programmed in!


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