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March 15, 2011

Cats and Dogs

Today has been a day of rain spurts.... I found it so relaxing. I think I must of said "it's raining cats and dogs out there" at least 20 times or more... Where in the heck did that saying come from? And so I run my little fingers over the computer keyboard and type that very question into MyPoints search toolbar and came up with this....

The expression comes from early England where the peasants made the roofs of their houses out of straw. Dogs, cats and mice would sleep on the roof which was the warmest place they could find (they weren't allowed in the houses). When it rained a little bit more than a medium shower, the mice would fall of a run away. When it rained heavily, the cats and dogs fell off. If a peasant were to look out it would have seemed it had been raining cats and dogs

Now where I come from there was an old couple that had a goat that pretty much lived on the roof of their farm home. Every day driving by you'd see that goat just laying there - it was the funniest sight ever. Now that I am old and thinking back to youth it saddens me to know they have passed on.

My husband likes to pick on my way of speaking like "tally ho", and "your being a cretin" but he loves it best when I am upset because I can't control the accent... We'll leave it at that! I miss you GrandMum so much and I have her to thank for my high strung temper but she had such grace she could get away with it - where often enough I can not...

Not much to report today because it was just that quiet... Jorge played his computer games and of course watch ghost clips on http://www.youtube.com/ and I kind of went in out of mini sleeps today - something I just don't do or do enough lol...

What saying do you find yourself saying a lot?
Leave a comment and share with us...



  1. If you like goats on the roof, you'd love this place which isn't far from where we live - http://www.oldcountrymarket.com/

    Hugs - Janice

  2. My grandmother (who I miss too) use to say "Cripes" and there are days when this word slips off my tongue and I know she just came to visit me. I can still hear her laugh! Miss you lots Nanny!
    Sorry about the rain, Evie. That part of Oregon gets lots this time of year. I just get so tickled when I think of you in my home state. I love Oregon!!!!

  3. Goats on the roof! Definately preferable to chickens on the kitchen table! I prefer deer in the orchard!

  4. Horsefeathers! Fiddlesticks! What the Sam Hill! High-faluting! Hogwash!

  5. Leading the life of Riley! Who the %#*#% was Riley? And what kind of a life did he lead? How about "I don't give a tinker's dam" what exactly is that?


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