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March 1, 2011

Every RV owner should own bikes.... Yesterday we went with our friends to help them (well watch them lol) pick out some bikes.... Oh it was so much fun and funny to watch. It so reminded me when we bought ours back in Bishop, Ca... And owe we owe our lives to our bikes... It not only gave us something to do - but a way to cut down on gas cost by biking to town for our charity hat drive, food shopping, MAIL CALL... We bought our bikes at Kmart http://www.kmart.com/ and just love them. We also where able to add points to our reward card we have with them. I think we have $20 worth of points we can cash in. Gosh this helps big time on purchases towards pet food for us.
Well, I am happy to report we are not the only ones who love Kmart bike prices because that's excatly where our friends bought theirs - and they got really cute ones. And so now we can go riding with them as soon as the rain clears up for sure... Tonight Jorge is doing laundry (the one of million reason why I love him so). I was checking out our favorite laundry soap web site http://www.tide.com/ and holly smoke coupons - love love love my coupons... There are just some things you can be cheap on and that's our laundry soap. Being RV full timers you need the best because being out side 90% of your time you need that extra umff to keep clean...
I couldn't find any pics of our bikes and so I just had to put a picture up so that the blog isn't a total bore... So enjoy. Don't forget to facebook or twitter this blog - I hope to reach a lot of new followers soon - I just love love love people.

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