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March 10, 2011

RV Gadgets & Must Haves in our Future

So we each have our own MP3 players because we are so into different music. I still have the old style mp3 player and I need to update it, but really there isn't a thing wrong with it. It hold like 300-500 songs but to be honest I really don't listen to that wide range of music - but it's great to download sermons, talks, mini audio books. 
Evielynne has the gray one...
And Jorge is a bit newer but still consider old - we don't like it so much, it skips and doesn't play as well and so, we will with out no-doubt upgrade his. All in time...

Jorge owns the red one

We do have a GPS in which we found about a year and half ago - it works great and will be used big time this summer to geocaching http://www.geocaching.com/ in which is Jorge new found hobby. I am a bit excited too. We'll do some practicing here in Rufus and see what we can find. Look back often for updates.

Of course the biggest gadget that we have is one I would just die if I didn't have. "MY" broadband in which makes this way of living full possible because I can work on the road anywhere as long as there is a cell signal. 

Verizon Air Card "our most "MUST HAVE"

Those would be our major gadgets.

Other gadget items are things like
-DVD Player (I love my DVD when we are boondocking - has a 3 hours battery life)
- headlamps
-solar battery charger (which also charges our cells - oh yeah love it)
-mini solar lights
-mail scale (for our etsy stores)
-Nintendo DS (his and hers)
-weather radio (saved our lives a time or two)
-weather gauge (inside and outside)

As you can tell we don't have a lot compared to what you may have in your rig. But we do have a long wish list going. First thing is first a newer rig has to purchased before any more gadgets can be bought like....

So going off our list
"What do you think the most important gadget we should purchase first?"
Leave your comment below - trust me, we value our readers opinions so do leave a comment


  1. A compass, a level, and a satellite dish.

  2. Nice read! I would agree that broadband card is definitely a must have and also agree with the previous comment on the satellite dish. Cool thing too is that my TV provider/employer DISH Network just came out with their new portable satellite dish called the Tailgater that really makes it easy to watch your favorites while RVing! I just bought one and love it! Check it out here. :)


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