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March 27, 2011

Oh Boy RV people

Working from home can be so much fun for me - except for when it's raining. Today I worked on my blog buttons, work files, inventory list (for the RV) and oh yeah something fun coming up on the blog later this week. My first GIVEAWAY.  There will be some rules but not like all those other GIVEAWAYS. This will also be RV themed too... So keep checking back!
My body hurts from my back to my neck from sitting too long!! Hey don't forget I am in a 24 ft little box and not much walking room. I can't wait to get some yoga in soon when the weather clears up...
For the most part I have been reading tons of RVer blogs... I see their pretty rigs and then I want to hide in a corner and cry... Well not really! As small and ugly as this thing is. It's brought us so much joy and we are almost 100% debt free. Just a $600 hospital bill hanging over us but that will soon be paid off. LOL we where there for just a half hour and they gave him a pill and said go see your dentist. Of course with the whole new patient fees RV folks are getting hit hard with this one. I can't go all the way back to FL to see my family doc every 6 months so we search for clinics and free check-ups and all sorts of things to keep healthy without breaking the bank.
Gosh I am a cry baby tonight - how sad is that...? Enough, enough and I am sorry for that. The rain blues are singing a tune and I can't shake it.. Soon though we'll be able to play outside and things will pick up in the fun department again.
Jorge is off to do laundry and I won't see him for at least an hour and half and so it's down time for me... OH MY GOODNESS... Look at what Jorge left behind....
Baking soda is not just for laundry http://www.armhammer.com/
omg just check it out...

Sitting on the counter no less - well I should hear the key entering to the lock here shortly... Is it an age thing? Nope not this go around. He probably thought he needed to race through the rain so he wouldn't get so wet... Next time we'll go with the whole age thing. 


I couldn't get over how many times I have seen this blog site on other RVers blogs. I think by far the most popular one of all. Gosh I wonder what his secret is? I know I know - write more about RV things. And I am trying but kind of at a stand still because we're not traveling at the moment - nothing needs to be fixed and we can't afford new toys yet... I will I will - I promise lol... Heck there blog is so much experience and well thought out adventures. I'm still a newbie at all of this. but I am learning.. Which brings me to my question of the day...

What was the year and model of your very first RV
 (not tents silly people)
Leave comments they do help newbies like me out there in the INET world...



  1. Can't wait for your first giveaway,I have wanted to do the same with my jewelry. Just not sure how to do it.

  2. First rig was a 1975 17' Tioga II used for camping only, not living. 1 person could have lived in it, but 1 person and 1 pet would have been too much.


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