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March 20, 2011

RV Nappers

Sunday is the day in which is designated for plenty of rest in the beautiful form of NAPS. Last night I had the most terrible nightmares and maybe slept for a hour or two. So today I kept a low key and just crochet until my eyes couldn't take it. But I always fail at naps - 20 minutes errrr REALLY? True... For me GUILT is the culprit. How do I escape guilt?

The Sunday paper? Yes sir ree... Jorge headed out to get the paper for me (coupons - we need to save where we can). And I hate reading the Sunday paper because of the ink that comes off on my hands and so I'd rather read the new on-line. And so I ran my little finger and typed in the words The New York Times. And in their search bar typed in the words Nap and came up with this article which will now be practice in our home for now on.

 http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/02/22/napping-to-boost-brain-power/ it's an older article (like over a year old). Although I'm older then the what the article is stating but then reading what Dr. Sara Mednick published a similar study on this in June of 2009 in the PNAS. Napping is her specialty.

Here’s the scoop: The right kind of nap–one that is long enough to include dreaming (REM sleep) will enhance creative problem-solving and “foster the formation of associative networks in the brain.”
The catch: to have REM sleep, your nap will need to last at least an 1 hour long.
“Dreams are fanciful. They incorporate strange ideas that you would never have put together in waking life. In REM sleep, it becomes more likely that ideas might come together in a solution,” according to
Dr. Mednick.

To read more of this post–
“The Healthy Librarian’s Brain Back-Up on a Better Brain: Midlife Cholesterol, Belly Fat, Grape Juice, Berries, Blood Sugar, Naps, and Better Sleep”

I recommend laying down to nap unlike Jorge in this picture....
So get your sleeping bags out folks and get to napping!! At our age we need all the help we can muster up!! Americans like to push the limits and are very much over worked all for a DOLLAR bill - can't take that to the grave...

Do you nap? And for how long?
Share your story in the comment form...



  1. Naps are the BEST!! Not only does a nap make you feel luxurious and decadent, naps make you think better after you wake up. I think we should all take advice from our pets: play hard 'til you drop, then nap 'til it is time to play hard again!

  2. Ahhhh .... napping. I'm a 1/2 hour nap girl. If I go as long as an hour, I feel groggy and spacey. My favourite place to nap is when the sun shines through the window onto the bed. Now, I just wish I had more time to partake in this pastime!

  3. Oh I wish I could nap! IF I do fall asleep, it is usually for much too long. Am so envious of people that can take a quick nap and feel so great. Unless I am in my bed, room dark and very cool and am exhausted, a nap just isn't in the cards for me!



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