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March 18, 2011

Mr Buddy's Heaters Warmth

I am so cold tonight and whining like a total baby. Our little electric heater is a JOKE (and it's new too). We bought a Holmes heater knowing our winter work was going to provide electricity. Only it's not heating our 24ft little rig up at all.

We pulled our Mr. Buddy heater and in less then 5 minutes our home is nice and warm. I am so loving this!! And we have the little Mr. Buddy too. Although we over paid for it big time. We paid $120.00 for it from a small town Bishop, CA but then we where so desperate for heat that we had no choice.

When we where researching Mr Buddy of course we asked our RV friends for advice and it was well taken. We also read a review on Mr. Buddy on a blog which was very helpful  http://www.tacticalintelligence.net/blog/mr-heater-big-buddy.htm giving both positive and negative points on the whole Buddy system. This blogger needed an emergency back up system for his heat loss. For RV folks, we have no choice and need a good sound safe system. I for one am so happy with my Mr. Buddy but you can not use a Mr. Buddy at high altitudes. We have had problems using ours at 3000 feet but haven't had a single problem using it at sea level. So make sure you read the instructions and keep your area very well vented and use caution as you should with any unit that can cause a fire. I know this - I had my feet too close and almost caught my shoes on fire - the smell of rubber saved my life... One my blond-a-fide moments.

We do not use heaters of any form at night no matter how cold it is - won't risk a chance of a fire while we are sleeping and so my crocheting and knitting and quilting has been warm blessing for us and not once have we been cold at night while cozy in bed. But dang some days it hard to fight the shivers lol...

What kind of heater do you use in your RV (or stick house)?
Leave a comment and share your story - it could save a life...



  1. An oil filled radiator will keep you warm without risk of fumes, and little worry of tip over issues.

  2. We have an iHeater and a small Holmes. When it is really cold (in the 30's or lower) we use both. For a quick warm up our propane furnace is good.

  3. Since we have a BIG rig (41' fifth wheel toy hauler, 10' garage for the motorcycles), we have several heating sources.

    1) Heat strips built into the main living area A/C unit
    2) Gas furnace (only used when really cold and have power hookup)
    3) Electric fireplace (good for taking a light chill off)
    4) Vent-free wall propane heater (used when boondocking, most efficient and will REALLY heat up the place)
    5) Little electric space heater


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