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March 8, 2011

RV Church

Most people find it hard to go to church while living in a brick house (a house with NO wheels), for RV folks it's even worse - that is if you believe. For every town you pass through what church fits your belief and is the parking lot big enough to accommodate your rig and where is that church outfit just for Sunday sermons? Common questions I suppose. But then we live in an age where INET has a big play in our religious studies. Everything from free spirits to the most discipline church studies you can find on-line.

Jorge and I have struggled in this area for a long time. Family members have turned their backs on us because we don't follow their church standards. Which is sad a true child of God would never do such a cruel selfish thing. Jesus loves all sinners and sin come in all forms. We pray for them....

We do our studies as a married couple and we also do our studies as individual seeking comfort and knowledge in HIS word. http://www.bibleinayear.org/ Now this is not for everyone. God gave us all a gift  called FREE WILL and through this we respect this gift as a gift of choice. Our choosing of how we will live our lives BUT a warning - what you choose you will have to answer for through death and when that moment comes, all chips are turned in. And so don't go thinking we are preachy because that's not for us to do. All walks of life should be respected for their own choices in life and we should concentrate on ourselves before even considering giving that sermon out. Jorge says the best way to be preachy is in not in the face but by example - much kinder, less drama, and with loyal love. He's a much better person then I am.

But on the road we haven't meet many people who celebrate the word of God but the bottle of booze (I'm not talking about a glass of wine here and there but a 30 pack in a day or two - blame the world for its problems and self lacking in human respect). The few we have meet have such beauty of free spirit and discipline character we are inspired by them.

This blog entry is not to be anything but about personal thoughts and about how we view things and so I will stick to that. We pray at every meal even when going out (we just say our prayer silent because we do this for ourselves) to dinner or such. We give thanks to each and every blessing no matter how big or small and so we tend to chat to God as much as we communicate to each other and Jorge says more to be honest.

We are at a RV park where a miracle happen - our biggest blessing because the outcome could of killed so many people including our dear friends. He is here and he is in each of us if we just look and except. Here I go getting preachy again. It's my prayer for the world...

There are many groups out there for RV folks that fit this blog entry if you wish to check it out...
http://www.work-for-rvers-and-campers.com/volunteer-organizations.html (JOBS)

The church we fell in love with in located in Provo, UT "The Rock Church" Believe in God but not Religion
http://www.gccweb.org/the-rock-provo-ut we miss them...

This was written not to convert or upset any reader but just thought and ideas and simply share - and that's all. In this day and age so many people are about being right that they forget the big picture LOVE... Ego to de-bunk or banish or to excuse to ignore what is so obvious.



  1. Blessings on you for sharing your belief. Too many believers keep quiet and you don't even know they believe.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Evie. So important to keep our relationship with our Lord active and living.
    Blessings dear ones whom I can call brother and sister!

  3. lindbeck53@att.netMarch 8, 2011 at 4:16 PM

    Great post - God Bless you both. Your sister in Christ - Marge

  4. Lead by example, that is the best way. You are an inspiration and a blessing whereever you are, keep up the good work.


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