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March 12, 2011

RV Crafting Today

Today was a day that flew on by in a major blink of an eye. Oh I wish it hadn't because we have so much to do still... We had made some doll clothes the other day for our store http://www.etsy.com/shop/MrsCraftyRVing and they all sold within 24 hours. So our plan was to make as many as we could today.

Jorge was needed to help a fellow RVer out and so off he went for 2 hours leaving me to cut patterns (the patterns we are using was bought from http://www.joann.com/joann/) and iron. And boy by the time he returned my fingers where ready to fall off. Crocheting and knitting is soooo much easier.
Here are pictures (lol) of me still in PJ's working like crazy but it was so much fun. This is a husband and wife team effort. And we love our life. Let me just remind our followers that we are in a 24 ft motorhome and still it amazes people how well we manage to do such service and carry our inventory. But somehow we do it... Enjoy the pictures...

What is the hardest craft you do or have done in your RV?
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  1. Wow! You let Jorge take your picture!!

  2. Hi! I have an RV park in Vale, Oregon ((www.valetrailsrvpark.com)close to Ontario, OR/Boise ID) and we've just started a crafting room (S'more crafting)at the park (I LOVE crafting and LOVE camping!!!)i thought having a crafting room for RV'ers would be a great addition. I'd love to hear your thoughts/ideas on what crafting RV'ers would like to have available in a craft room. I have a cricut, TONs of carts, and a wide variety of scrapping "stuff". Please share your thoughts on what "scrappy campers" might like to see.



  3. Gretchen...
    Theme crafting days are huge. I'm finding classes given are pretty popular too. Grab bag crafting is my favorite - you could put together a different project in each bag and let them pick their grab bag. Take picture and put it on your RV park blog - a must must must do... Do you have a facebook fan page?


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