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March 26, 2011

Hiding in the RV Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

RAIN... More coming too!!

A lot of movies are being watched in our rig. We have closed ourselves from the world, all in the name of rain... LOL it is Spring and with Spring rain is part of the program and it does make flowers and we are so ready for more flowers, leaves and greener grass and best of all romantic walks....

Speaking of movies. Today I received and email from my good friend Gwen. She is on a wonderful adventure down in Texas right now. Well yesterday Gwen and her husband Dale went to the RiverCenter Mall and came across this display and thought of me.....

I love John Wayne
 Now how cool is that. I love my friends!! The timing of the email was very funny too because with all the rain we just happen to watch a couple of his movies today. My favorite is now a tie between North to Alaska and War Wagon ... In which both where watched today.. So thank-you Gwen for the thought. I like the Monopoly game way too cool and I bet it's an arm and a leg to buy.


A must read... Nellie wrote a wonderful write-up about her adventure about her new gym. Now keep in the mind the instructor was a 71 year old women and Nellie is just a couple of years younger then me. I laughed so hard. She's got sass this girl and I love her!! That's all I am going to say - you'll have to go read for yourself. I so had to leave a comment on there to show her my support - we all need it from time to time... Thank you Nellie for making me laugh today!!

What was your weather like today?
Leave a comment - it's fun to read them folks...



  1. Perfect weather here in El Paso, 70s, not a cloud in the sky and a bit of a breeze. Life is Good!!!

  2. A little rain, a little snow, all depends on which way you go.

  3. Here in S. Oregon we had some rain early then mostly dry with occasional showers...more rain forecast for today but so far it hasn't arrived.

  4. Cloudy lite snow and cold.Just a good day to watch a western on TV.


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