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March 22, 2011

The Sun has made it's way to Rufus.

I do know that in this part of the country it gets more then it's share of rain - and I don't mind rain... Honest, it's the snow I have issues with. But today was a very nice change of pace. I had to work before any fun was to be had. Don't I just look hateful of my job? NOT

After my work was complete, we decided to take the dogs on a little walk... UP, UP, UP, UP we went... And stopping every once in awhile to say hello to the local Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner friends (lol - private joke)...
is where you can come visit this cutie cow...

And still we are heading up....
And we get so close to the gate when we decided to head back - note the shoes and I didn't want to roll back down the hill... And so we head back down and start getting ready to head for town with our friends..

Me telling stories... Jorge tends to be on the quiet side when ever we are in a group setting... But as you can see he is goofy... And cute too!

 We drop RL off at the dentist (and very thankful it wasn't either one of us having to head to the big chair - eeeek). And then we head down town  for A's Sewing Shoppe & Janitorial Supplies for a light bulb for Jorge's sewing machine. And then we walked Main Street (LOL I think it was Main Street). Some really cute shops in which we only had time to enter a handful which included a cool quilt store (the apron caught our friends eye big time) and then a few doors down a yarn store in which only a rich person could afford - no thank you... A thrift store and what appeared to be a pawn store I'm not sure (over priced big time). Made it to the last thrift store when I came across this.... SORRY BUT I AM A MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR (YOU GET THE POINT) MAJOR MAJOR UCONN FAN.... HA HA THEY WON TODAY...

And then LW said "Oh my we better go get RL" and sure enough he was waiting for us in the parking lot.  And then the real fun begins... They headed on an old highway and wow it is so pretty and trees again lol...  A lot of trees... And the rest of the blog will be about just pictures but before I jump into the pics - I saved the best picture for last. It's Jorge inside of Papa Murphy's and you'll see the tellie screen behind him - OMG it was the UCONN women playing. It was about 5 minutes into the game and already they where whipping butt. 14 to 7 and then we left - turns out as I expected they won the game!! Congrats UCONN women for another great game... OK enjoy the pics and don't forget to read the question of the day at the bottom of blog....


What college team do you cheer for?
Share us your story in the comment feed...


  1. Gonzaga of course!

  2. In this neck of the woods if you are not an Oregon Ducks fan you had better be prepare to be tar and feathered...lol..

    Many years ago when we lived in S. Caifornia, I did cheer for the USC Trojans. As you mnay have guessed, I'm a big football fan...mostly pro football...Go Seahawks!!!


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