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March 6, 2011

RV Shortcuts

So if you ask any RV full timer, what their biggest complaint would be? You'd think gas prices... Not true! It's the lack of storage in ones rig. Now being in a 24 ft with a husband 2 dogs and a cat and add me the yarn queen who gave up the right to have more then 5 books at any one time. But then taking away all my magazines and now I am feeling pretty empty. You'd think. But there are shortcuts RV folks take to keep up with mainstream of living.

There is Workamper News in which RV folks can find jobs (where we found all of our jobs I might add in the 2-yrs of doing this lifestyle). http://www.workamper.com/

Our magazines which we had to cut almost 95% of our subscription because it cost double to receive because of our mailing service in who we just worship MyDakotaAddress.com. So our shortcut is to purchase used magazines from the library for only a dime a piece. So now we are talking about really saving money now... Books can go for .50-$1 and what's great is that they'll take them back and re-sell (which supports the library). Or owning a Nook can increase your book collection to 1000's on one little machine - it's on my wish list. But the must have magazines for any and all RV folks would have to be Workamper News and Good Sam's. What we do is cut out our personal info on the back of the magazine and leave in any RV campground laundry room -
 to help the next RV er save some money by placing the magazine in the FREE bin.

Here is the best tip to a shortcut I can give you. This is for any collector, crafter, messy spouse. Purchase a simple small to medium size bins and label them for a category's of items you may over buy like beads, rocks, trinkets or whatever your thing is. Here's the secret if it's full then you don't get to buy any more and this my friend will save you money and room. This is our golden rule in the ever so small 24 ft rig. But the funny thing is we have a lot of bins and still need to get some more...

Another shortcut is top of the line cell phones. More money yes but it saves a lot of room. Mini computer on the go - cuts down on maps (we love GPS applications), coupon cutting (coupon travel applications), newspaper subscription (on line listing for local newspaper). Even our music can be saved on our phones but we love Live365 http://www.live365.com/index.live

There are so many fun important shortcuts one can do to make RV life much more simple because that's our aim in life "SIMPLE". What are some of your shortcuts you can share with us... Leave a comment and teach us - I'm always on the lookout for newer tips.


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