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March 28, 2011

How To Do A Campground Review

How to do a Campground Review.

This can be a sore spot on so many levels. Reviews written out in spite, because you didn't get your way or didn't step up to the plate to try to fix the problem - using your voice is a form of trying to fix the problem/issues you may have in a RV Park location - not all RV Park owners/workers are mind readers and I'm sorry no body is perfect not even you. If your offended by this then I'm guess you are part of the problem I am talking about. But if you have written a review that, you took yourself out of the picture and wrote the review from your heart in effort to help the RV Park that you stayed at - then by all means this does not pertain to you and you should be applauded for your love/professionalism or however you may want to word it. Because its those reviews that I look for and base my personal opinion on. After all peoples reputation are on the line here.

Complaining about a dog barking for instance and not telling the Park Owner as the problem is live in action - is your problem - just maybe the owners/workers can't hear the dang dog barking. And a real good helpful RV folk would fixed the problem by knocking on the door to see if they can help - who knows maybe the person with the barking dog is in a wheel chair and is waiting for the dog walker to show up. Or maybe its a medical trained dog trained to park until help comes. It often blows my mind that we put ourselves first and think last. Always the victim and the hero last, it seems. Again if your are the type to jump to help first and think last this does not pertain to you and again you should be applauded for your wonderful human nature.

OMG what a dirty bathroom... I see this one a lot on reviews. I find that most people who write these have very bad timing. Now I am sorry if you shower when every one else is showering the proof is in the pudding - it's gonna get messy. I personally have caught on to this and always, always, always ask any and every RV Park we've ever stayed at "WHAT TIME DO YOU CLEAN YOUR BATHROOMS?" And then I wait a half hour after they've cleaned to take my showers. If I can't then I keep my anger to none because its a no brainer that things just get messy. Now a proper review would be if I went in after the cleaning and the cleaning was done to the point that I can't take my shower and then I'd storm to the manager to "voice my attempt to fix the problem". If you use this theory with every avenue of your life - then your taking control of your drama and negative way of thinking. It's easy avoid the bad and embraces the good.

"What the Hell?" "A dumpster in my back yard?" again ask those questions because I'll bet there is a perfect reason for that dumpster being parked in your view and just ruining your view. Like in this case a fire. Lives where saved the night of the fire for smart thinking and fast reaction. Remember the whole possibility  of your neighbor being in a wheel chair? Well try someone who was dying of "Cancer" in this case. You don't know your neighbors unless you make it a point to open your hearts.


I am not saying sugar coat a review but use a calm collective common sense and really think - where you in any danger? where you really that neglected? Was the problem addressed and you where violated by ignorance and intentionally ignored. Is the complaint worth someone losing their job over - because in all honestly someone could loose their job over YOUR anger and you better make it worth it.

So I hope that my article helps even if it's just a little and most people do have common sense when it comes to writing reviews but there are those few who think the world is here to serve them. Newbies to RVing if you don't like the RV Park - here is the best tip I can give you. Leave!! Just get up and leave it's really that simple. When we where in Kervnville, CA I made the mistake of having my husband pay for the month before checking things out. It turned out the manager of the park was on the Megan's Law List https://www.meganslaw.com/ in which I made a promise to my family I would check no matter where we where.

Not only was the manager on the list but 6 other sick predators (who I do pray for - if anyone needs it - it would be the sickest sinners of the earth) and then we high tailed it out of there. But here is how we found out... A police officer crusied in the RV Park looking for someone and stopped my husband and asking for his ID - OK no problem we support the law to the fullest. It's what he said that pissed me off and I made it a point to let them know. They stated they where looking for someone who fits Jorge discription and had to make sure it wasn't him (the person they where looking for). My husband is 6 feet tall 180 lbs and BALD 100% - the guy they where looking for was 5'8 and a little over 200 lbs with long hair. I went off the handle and went on-line to look at what this town was all about. SICK!! I was so upset - that my husband was lied to by an officer of the law BULLIED big time.
(this was not the town of Kernville but in Mount Mesa, CA)
OK so you get the point...


This blog is very fitting to my blog topic for today - these wonderful people get around... The Byrnes have taken great pain to get their reviews on line and I thank them....

Have you ever given a review?
Was it bad or good or even both?
Leave your comment - it helps newbie RVers



  1. This is such a great site! I like the way you set this up! Great content and images as well! Thanks for sharing this!...Daniel

  2. "Good Blog article...and you are so right! All one has to do is work in an RV park...even for a week, and you will see all of your "people"!!


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