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March 24, 2011

RV RV RV RV in the Spring

It's here....

Today we had to stay in-doors to get a lot of projects done for our 4 etsy stores. MrCraftyRVing Jorge's bead work. MrsCraftyRVing which has kid toys, kitchen crafts and many other things. HatMasters which is full of hats, gloves, wrist bands - way cool store. And then our Christmas101 all Christmas crafts.

But as I was crocheting hats today - I looked out our window and noticed the tree next to us is fully bloomed.... Aw what a wonderful feeling. But I haven't a clue on what kind of tree it is. I am so terrible with the names of types of trees...

Flowers? What kind of flowers does Oregon have? I had to look it up... lol not all the flowers are coming up and so I got to wondering what to expect. And here is what I came up with.

Oregon State Flower

I couldn't get over the names of some of the flowers here... Like
calla lily flowers, calla lily bulbs, hydrangea,   Oregon Coastal Flowers,  sandersonia, gloriosa lilies, pieris japonica, flowering dogwood, lilac, cherry, chinese lanterns, as well as a whole range of other flowering branches/plants that thrive on the Oregon Coast.My favorite would have to this pretty lily... Orange too!!

I am just so happy that my RV is like me and loving Spring....

What type of flowers have you seen so
far this Spring?
Leave a comment and share your story...


1 comment:

  1. No exotic flowers here just beautiful daffodils, primrose and a few other colorful flowers. I love spring!


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