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March 23, 2011

Dedicated to Mike Bottom

Our day started out with bad news. The first was when I turned my computer on and read on yahoo that Elizabeth Taylor had died. Jorge was cleaning the bathrooms at this time and I knew what he'd be thinking as soon as I told him - "Life with Father" - his favorite movie with her in it, and although a small part but super well acted part. Mine would be "Father's Little Dividend" again a small part but one that any American girl could put herself in. Our Prayers go out to her family and her fans...

Then came even sadder news that came in the form of an email. My poor friend reported that a past tenant of the Rufus RV Park, Mike Bottom passed away (this is the gentlemen who was pulled out of fire when his rig caught on fire almost 2 months ago) last night, and to add injury a family member of hers had a major heart attack in which she received the call first thing this morning. And so as you can imagine tears and much sadness lays on her heart. A complete wreck and needing to escape and recap her memories both good and bad of a friend passing and a family member beyond ill. She invited us to hit the falls. In honor of both these very important people in her life. So much love... A true honor to call a friend.

And so a hug was exchanged and in the car we went. We listen to some sad, funny, loving and everything else stories as she unloads her past and present memories. Still as we sit here now we wish there was something more we could do to make them feel better. Time and hugs my husband says - time and hugs...

So we headed for Horsetail Falls (Oregon) and just as we get there, the sun decides to disappear. So the photos are not super great but still tells a heck of a story. There are actually two waterfalls along the creek. The upper falls, called Upper Horsetail Falls or Ponytail Falls, can be accessed from a footpath located next to the historic Columbia River Highway. We didn't go all the way up but as far as the bridge. A sad day with beauty all around us that makes us smile for a moment for our blessings of our stories of life.

So before I get to the pictures - this blog article is dedicated to my friends the managers of Rufus RV Park and to their family. And to Mike Bottom who is now out of pain and now in the arms of our Lord Jesus Christ. Jorge and I never got the chance to meet Mike but just walking through the RV park you knew he was very liked and loved and would do anything for anyone. I do understand he has family in Florida and our prayers go out to his family as it does for our friends family. I am asking all of our readers to add our friends to their prayers.

Today I will not be posting a QUESTION OF THE DAY but ask that you leave comments for the Rufus RV Managers and for Mike Bottom.

Jorge and I would like to personally say we are so sorry for all loss today and that they may feel the power of prayer going out just for them. We want them to know if there is anything we can do - we are there in heart beat. God Bless ALL!!



  1. The Lord tells us that when one of us cries, we cry with them. When they mourn, we mourn.
    In Christ's love, my heart goes out to the mangers of this park, to the residents there and to you and Jorge. Praise God that Mike's life touched to many people. God blessings to all.
    Gwen and Dale
    Love ya back!

  2. What a man Mike must have been to earn such loyal friends. I'm sorry for your loss and thankful for the blessing that knowing him brought to your lives.

  3. Evie & Jorge - the comfort of friends is priceless ... what a lovely way to honour Mike's memory.
    Gentle hugs.

  4. It is always so sad when we hear about an RV'er who has passed. This life style is so wonderful that we all think we should live forever. However that is not in God's plans. My prayers go out to the family and friends of Mike.

  5. Let me repeat that: The comfort of friends is priceless. Thank you.

  6. Our lord knows when it is time to take one of his angels, and it was Mike's turn to be free of pain and in Gods love. Mike was truely loved and will be missed by his friends and family. I think the trip to the falls was probably a great way to rejoice his life.

    Love to you all...Sue

  7. We have shared the same worries of a family member's health and the pains of loss of friends. So sad, yet a time to celebrate the life and know they are now completely in God's hands.

  8. Just found your blog from a link on Pidge's blog...and what do you know, you're in my neck of the woods! We're in Eugene but getting ready for our first big trip. Loved your photos of Multnomah Falls. God bless and sorry for the loss of your friend.


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