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March 5, 2011

RV Bumper Stickers

So LW and RL (Lovely Woman & Real Leader) came back today from some much needed fun - not that we aren't fun lol but for gypsy fun and seeing good friends (pray for their puppy - poor thing has a tumor and needs to get better before they can take that damn evil thing out).
And we had a goodies bag! OMG I love goodies bags.... I got lots of blog topics for future blogs and lemon grass in which they went all over God's creation to find (it's for my Chicken Curry meal which is just as good if not better then the restaurants) and best of all BUMPER STICKERS. Thank you so much our list keeps growing as to why we love you two so and it ain't for your purple little tow either lol.... but truly thank you so much we love everything!!

Gwen and Sharon QUACK QUACK... For the rest of the world Oregon stickers - read the bumper sticker to get your take on the Quacks.

http://www.rvgoddess.com/BLOG/2010/JUNE/061910.aspx RV goddess keeping it weird may give us a run for our money. Fun blog to read (don't know them but love them)

So now I am giving the world a challenge....

TO FIND BUMPER STICKERS FOR OUR RIG. (no swearing, nudity, obscene sayings, abortion rights, political politician) We will support state, town, business, bands, tasteful stickers. THIS IS ALL BEING DONE IN FUN.... KIND OF LIKE A POSTCARD COLLECTION ON WE ARE REQUESTING BUMPER STICKERS...

Looking for stickers to put on the back of the RV. Please send your bumper stickers to:

The Sanchez Family
110 e. center street #1117
madison, sd 57042

We hope to recieve bumper stickers from our viewer and to see where in the world they come from - so jump in on the fun and send a sticker. April 20th I will update the results.... So check out the pictures below and then check back April 20th to see if we have new ones or not... thanks in advance!

We love you Lovely Woman and Real Leader!!

Help us fill the entire back of this rig....

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