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March 2, 2011

Our New Coffee Machine

As a RV full timer, products in the RV come and go. So is it worth it to spend top dollars on kitchen gear? YES and NO... Since we started full-timing we have gone through at least 4 electric plug-ins coffee units (and remember at least 70% since we started was Boondocking - that's camping with out any electrical hookups). They have been cheap and easy. Which brings us to our current purchase of a DCM2500B BLACK AND DECKER http://www.blackanddecker.com/ 12 cup Coffee Maker. We needed to be on the cheap end because of our lack of winter funds and have to use caution when making any kind of purchased period.

Jorge and some of our friends went to FredMeyer http://www.fredmeyer.com/ and they came upon the Black and Decker DCM2500B coffee maker. It retailed for $34.99. and it just so happen to be on sale for $19. Heck yes that's a good deal. BUT wait. Not only was it on sale but FredMeyer has a customer reward program where your purchases earn you points and so a BONUS to the purchase. BUT wait there is still more. NO TAX? How did this happen. A straight $19.00 for a coffee maker? Yep I kid you not. And so off to the coffee aisle the next day to get our long long list of coffee supplies and so much happiness in our steps BECAUSE you see both Jorge and I love love love love love love coffee.
Enjoy our pictures and tell me about your coffee maker in the comment feed. Don't forget to support our sponsor of this blog and click to see what kind of deals you can make. Do you know the INET is a better place to get those sale specials... Just click and look - it won't hurt I promise.

Our Black and Decker coffee maker Features:
*12-cup coffeemaker features digital clock and delayed start
*Wake up to a pot of freshly brewed coffee
*Perfectly drip-free pouring spout; 2 water windows
*Sneak-a-cup feature; automatic shut-off after 2 hours
*13 inches tall, raised lid requires 22 inches; 1-year warranty
Wanna mail us some coffee?

We welcome coupons hint hint...


  1. We bought a new coffee maker on sale last fall, and although we haven't used it much yet (it's too big for in the motorhome), it worked great. It's a Hamilton Beach Stay/Go http://www.hamiltonbeach.com/products/stay-or-go-appliances-stay-or-go-deluxe-thermal-coffeemaker.html It has a thermal carafe rather than the glass carafe, and I love that feature - plus "to-go" mugs. For now, I am still perking our morning coffee in an old coffee pot on the gas stove in the motorhome ... and it's good!

  2. Peggy wrote: "French Press works well with no hook ups"

  3. I have never liked coffee so I can't comment on coffee makers...Don't you just love the no sales tax in Oregon??? Also, you are not allowed to pump your own gas, someone else does it for you. No getting out of the car when it;s cold and raining!


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