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March 9, 2011

RV people we go to for help

So we are still the new kids on the block because of the rig we live in. We would be consider the poor kids on the block as well because of our rig. Don't get scared off by the above statement because it's not what your thinking.

We have a 1984 Jubilee that we bought in 2009 (Feb). We laugh now but when we bought "MrCrafty" we hadn't a clue other then the fact it was only $1100 in which we exchange our debt over for a cheap junkie rig - we paid off all the bills and said aw FREEDOM.

So what the heck is a water tank? yep those where our words to the very first guest we had (being Bob and Sue and we thank them for being so great about our bomb of a purchase - they have a DREAM rig) in our rig. And would you believe that still till this day we still don't have a water tank on-board. CRAZY but you know what? We learned that you can still survive without the big things in an RV.

This blog is called Jorge and Evielynne Adventures on the Road after all... And so the adventure have been so full on our plates - let me tell you.

A junkie rig forces you to really live simple and you know what - we love it. Don't get me wrong "I am so ready for an upgrade but when that time comes it's just another blessing to us - not something that is owed, expected or what not".

But lets jump to the point of this blog insert today. When we have mechanical or cosmetic problems these are the people/sites/blogs we go to for answers and compassion of cheering us on because they too started RV life just like us that now live in DREAM rigs... NO JUDGEMENT, NOTHING BUT SUPPORT and FOLLOW-UPS... Bookmark these site and sign up to follow their sites because like us "You'll be thankful"

BEST BEST BEST site to go to for any number of questions about anything to do with RV's is http://www.rvecafe.com 

#2 We live by this site when we travel.  You'd be amazed on how much money we save a year just because of this site.

#3 Because hey living your dream doesn't have to start at retirement - we could be dead by then and we want to live now.  http://www.frugal-rv-travel.com/rv-blog.html

RV life can be simple or it can be hard. We make the best of our dream and we are enjoying it every minute of our lives. We couldn't do it with key people in our lives. Our friends who always check in on us, leave emails, comment our post and from time to time send us goody bags, allow us to vent when those few times do come and they do, and networking... We do thank you for all of your love.

So what was the hardest thing about RV living you have had to experience? For us it was the first day of our RV life - when the RV broke down and I was crying and screaming "I don't want to go back to Miami" since then nothing has compared to that day. For Jorge it was when we where pulled over by a police officer - that was and has been the hardest and thankfully the cop was great... So see it's how you make of it. Now get to commenting and share with us your hardest experience...


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  1. Hardest was making the decision that this was the life for us. Each trying to convince the other that we were serious. That part took awhile, but nothing has been really hard after that. Adventures, some good, some not as good, some ugly, but all adventures and campfire tales.


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